Add accounting group user maps to the job router transforms


Base your work on V5_branch and submit a PR to when it’s ready for review.

When originally developing HTCondor-CE, we had to support the ability to map UID's, DNs, and VOMS attributes to an HTCondor accounting group ( and wrote some custom code to add this to the JOB_ROUTER_DEFAULTS (

These days, HTCondor has a userMap function ( that should be able to give us the same functionality. We should update our eval_set_AccountingGroup to use userMaps. userMap files have to be declared in the configuration:

The above config should be 1) specified in /usr/share/condor-ce/config.d/ and 2) be non-OSG specific. To support the current OSG paths, we can override the mapfile locations in the `osg-ce` metpackage.

Also note that TJ mentioned that the map files need to exist so we may want to throw empty config{noreplace) files into the htcondor-ce packaging.


John (TJ) Knoeller
March 29, 2021, 8:09 PM

Note: time charged to this ticket includes days spent getting setup to to CE development and to contribute using github and pull requests rather than the usual HTCondor development methods

Brian Lin
February 15, 2021, 5:59 PM

Note that we either need to continue supporting the old method or provide documentation to sites so that they know to transition to the new method whenever they upgrade

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