condor_ping can dump core in some circumstances


The tool condor_ping uses a single Daemon object and when run with mutliple tasks, it reuses the Daemon object and calls ::makeConnectedSocket() repeatedly. It seems this tickles something deeper, where after a failed attempt the internal state may be corrupted, and subsequently the next call crashes.

One easy way to work around this is to not tickle that code, for example by creating a separate Daemon object for each ping task.

I'm going to commit such a fix, but the underlying issue still exists and should be investigated.


Zach Miller
March 1, 2021, 11:58 PM

For the record, the core dump issue was never released. This JIRA ticket is a followup to what was gt#7892.

Version history added. Resolving.

John (TJ) Knoeller
March 1, 2021, 9:42 PM

CODE REVIEW last change looks good, and it’s good that the first change was reverted - all good. version history needed.

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