Do koji/repo/build infrastructure tasks for creating OSG 3.5 release series


Follow the procedure here

Do first, anytime before the month of the release

  • Add 3.5 koji tags and targets

  • Add Koji package signing

  • Update osg-build to use the new koji tags and targets (not by default of course)

Do afterward, anytime before the month of the release

  • Create a blank osg-3.5 SVN branch and add buildsys-macros package

  • Update tarball-client scripts

  • Populate the bootstrap tags

  • Get the actual NVRs to tag

Do on the month of the 3.5.0 release

  • Populate SVN branch and tags (as in fill it with the packages we're going to release for 3.5)

  • Mass rebuild

  • Update mash

  • Update documentation here

  • Update osg-test / vmu-test-runs ( , )

  • Drop the osg-3.5-elX-bootstrap koji tags

Do immediately after the 3.5.0 release

  • Update tag inheritance on the upcoming-build tags to inherit from 3.5-devel instead of 3.4-devel

  • Drop upcoming-el6 build targets

Do sometime after the 3.5.0 release

  • Do these three at the same time:

    • Move the SVN trunk to branches/osg-3.4 and move branches/osg-3.5 to trunk

    • Update the koji osg-elX build targets to build from and to 3.5 instead of 3.4

    • Notify the software list of this change

  • Update osg-test / vmu-test-runs again to add release and release -> testing tests

  • Update the docker-osg-wn-client scripts to build from 3.5 (need direct push access)

  • Update the default promotion route aliases in osg-promote

  • Update documentation again to reflect that 3.5 is now the main branch and 3.4 is
    the maintenance branch

  • Update the new release series procedure with lessons learned and improvements for next time

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