Switch over from 'upcoming' to '3.5-upcoming'


We've already created the tags and targets for the 'split upcoming' repos 3.5-upcoming and 3.6-upcoming; we do not have to wait until 3.6 to start using them.

Use the following migration plan:
1. releases osg-build 1.18.0
2. changes the mash config on repo-itb to pull from the osg-3.5-upcoming-* tags instead of the osg-upcoming-* tags and reverses the 3.5-upcoming -> upcoming symlink
3. we tag every build in osg-upcoming-* into the corresponding osg-3.5-upcoming-* tags
4. we check repo-itb to make sure it's been correctly populated
5. we change the osg-upcoming-elX targets to osg-3.5-upcoming-elX-build -> osg-3.5-upcoming-elX-development (i.e. be the same as the osg-3.5-upcoming-elX targets)
6. lock the old osg-upcoming-* tags so people can't build or promote into them
7. check repo-itb again
8. make the same changes on repo
9. Tell people to upgrade to osg-build 1.18.0 and use --3.5-upcoming instead of --upcoming
10. cd branches/3.5-upcoming; osg-build koji --3.5-upcoming *

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Brian Lin
February 11, 2021, 8:03 PM

Yup, closing.

Mat Selmeci
February 11, 2021, 7:56 PM

, can I close this? All the tasks are done; the release scripts need to be updated but that's tracked in SOFTWARE-4482.

Carl Edquist
February 11, 2021, 5:20 PM

Just to note it here from yesterday:

I built osg-repo-scripts-1.9.1-1.osg35.el7 with the fix from the (merged) PR mentioned above. Deployed to prod http://repo.opensciencegrid.org/ per Mat and things look to be working there

Mat Selmeci
February 11, 2021, 5:03 PM

Many of the unexpected el8 failures were caused by me having tagged an old version of buildsys-macros directly into the osg-3.5-upcoming-el8-build tag (instead of inheriting it from development).

Mat Selmeci
February 11, 2021, 2:34 AM

I ran the mass rebuild; there were of course some failures which I will have to investigate...



Mat Selmeci


Mat Selmeci